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Cheap SEO Packages

Have you ever heard the saying a good job isn’t cheap and a cheap job isn’t good? Well, just do a search for “what to expect to pay for SEO”. You will see that there is a minimum of $80.00/hr for a lower level SEO person. The range goes up to over $1500.00 per hour. That’s for your top level SEO person. It seems better to me to hire a SEO package deal and get all the goodies you need in one tidy basket, so to speak. Customer acquisition costs needs to be assessed  so you can figure out your return on investment as you move forward with your SEO package. These are usually on a monthly basis. If you expect actual results then you need to be aware of the real costs involved by the SEO person or company. They are going to be spending money on links that point to your site to make you more popular with the search engines. By the way, if this task is not done properly then you might actually loose rank instead of gain rank. If you have ever experienced this then you know it is a challenge to come back from being penalized for bad SEO practices. So in conclusion, I would remind you that you get what you pay for. There is no way for just a few hundred a month that you would receive top level, white hat SEO services. The monthly minimum would be at least $750.00 and that is if you get a brother – in – law deal!

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