Site Appearance Is Important

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Site Appearance Is Important

People love good visuals. You want to make the site appearance appealing. It is not enough to just have good visuals but remember they are very important to engage the potential customers long enough to make them want to read some content on your site and hopefully contact you or make a purchase while they are there. Installing some video might help in some cases. It has become increasingly popular to install video on a site. Google likes you tube as they own it and tend to rank a site faster with a properly optimized you tube video installed on it. There are several options when it comes to visuals. The most common is of course pictures. You want to make sure the photos you use do not belong to someone else. If you install another persons picture they own on your site or a customers site then the site owner could be made to take it off and also could be sued for using it in the first place. Remember you must have good visuals but also install good content too. Each are equally important. It is very easy to install pictures. It is far more challenging to write great content.

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