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SEO and Your Choices

Internal Linking also plays a role in SEO. This is part of your on page SEO tactics. In order to optimize your site for maximum performance internal linking is necessary. This means that page one needs to link to another page on your site with a link that makes sense. For instance, if on your home page you mention pricing in a paragraph, then you might make a link for the word pricing and have that word link to your pricing page. This same example can be used to link many of your pages together. There should be a certain amount of internal linking going on for any site that is attempting to get a top ranking position with the top search engines. However, this practice can also be over used too. In other words, don’t use too much internal linking as the search engines do not want to see this over done. We usually use an average of one internal link per major paragraph at most with a maximum number of three on an average page with about five hundred words of content.

There are different strategies for internal linking. We are going by what we have tried and tested out on sites we own and control. That is one way we gathered this data. We also collaborate with like minded people that are also in the same industry. We share findings and ideas and let each other know what has worked for us. If you have any thoughts on this matter of internal linking we would be happy to hear from you. We are open to learning from others as we have learned so much over the years from hearing what others are saying about a topic that we have an interest in. Thanks for reading and on to the next blog!

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