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SEO and Link Analysis

Link Analysis is a necessary component of SEO. It will show what links are pointing to a site. It will also show what links are good and which are bad links. There is a difference. You don’t want spammy links pointing to your site. These would be links that google sees as coming from a non trusted site.

This is just one facet of SEO that needs to be evaluated on your site. There are many things that need to be looked at to help your site be optimized so it will be able to be viewed by the search engines as a site worthy of a high ranking position. The best kind of link that needs to be pointing to your site is a highly trusted link. This would come from another blog or other type of site with a high trust factor. The search engines evaluate these links that point to your site and want to see other sites speak highly of your site. One way they do that is by mentioning your site in a blog or other type of article. In that article, they place a link to your site. The search engines come along and see this and will move you up in rank according to your sites popularity. That’s right, popularity. That’s kind of how this works as far as helping to rank your site. You need to appear popular to the search engines.

Your high level SEO person will be very familiar with this tactic. They will well understand that if you have a spammy link or links pointing to your site that this will hurt your ranking ability. But, if you have good links pointing to your site then this definitely helps get to the top of the list much faster that without any quality links pointing to your site. There are, of course, ways to get rid of spammy links. Your SEO person should know about the term disavow.


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