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SEO and Map Pack Placement

SEO and Map Pack Placement is a subject important to every service business owner. If there is a map showing when people are searching for your type of business then you want to be in the top three. As you may have already guessed this also falls under the heading of SEO. Your SEO and Map Pack Placement guy or gal will know the necessary steps in order to get you in the map pack. Then getting to one of the top three spots is needed to get the lion share of the calls coming in to your business. Have you examined the map pack before? If you have then you know that the top three spots are all that is showing up unless you click the “more”. Once selected there are more choices for the map pack. But, as you may have already guessed, it is best to be ion the top three. In fact, there is a significant difference in the number one position and the number three position. I can attest to this personally as I have been all over the map for a few of my companies that I have owned and ranked over the years. I have a lot of experience at the map pack and can speak intelligently about it for hours on end. I am, in fact, highly qualified to get any business to the top of the map pack. All things considered, there are factors that must exist in order to get a site to the top of the map.

I will only go into some detail here so I don’t bore you with all the details. The main ingredients that are necessary to get to the top of the map pack are: citations, google my business page that has been well constructed and to have your site professionally optimized if you have a site at all that you are going to link from your google my business page. Of course most businesses have a site and want to include it in the business listing. But there are some things that can hurt your chances of ranking if your site is not well optimized.


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