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SEO and a money back guarantee

SEO and a money back guarantee

SEO and a money back guarantee is something that is going to be hard to find. Especially from almost any of the larger companies out there. Most of them are unable to get your site to the top in the first place. To the top of a relevant search, that is. A money back guarantee sounds good, right? Well sure. But what are they promising for their up front money they are charging? I know our company charges a fair amount monthly for guaranteeing to move your website up in the ranks through a methodical process if you qualify for our service in the first place. Not all sites qualify for our SEO package. In order to qualify here, a site must not be engaged in other SEO practices at the time we begin our process. Also there has to be a commitment on the companies part to stay with our program for three months. That way, we have enough time to show reasonable movement in the ranking process we use.

Hardly any other companies offer SEO and a money back guarantee. We felt it is prudent because of the lame practices going on in our industry. Many companies have had a bad experience with  hiring a reputable company for SEO. Since we know this, we decided it would be a good idea to put our money where our mouth is. We video document where a company is on the ranking the first day we agree to work with them. Then we revisit the ranking after 30 days to see what improvement there has been. Almost every time there is a significant improvement in positive upward mobility in the search engines.

For what we charge relative to what our clients get, we know the client gets great value for their money. But, more importantly the client receives an excellent return on investment. Meaning, the money spent on SEO services with our company is going to far more than pay for itself, usually within three to six months.

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