SEO and Guarantees – Be Careful.

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SEO and Guarantees - Be Careful.

SEO and Guarantees – Be Careful.

SEO and Guarantees – Be Careful. We have spoken with so many companies that have had a negative experience with, so called, SEO companies. The main thing we hear companies complaining about is the promises these guys make but never deliver. That’s simply because they do not know how to get your business to move up in the search engines ranking for your business.

Honestly, there are actually few that understand the complexities of SEO enough to get you a top ranking position. That’s why they also offer pay per click advertising. You could justify this offer to do a pay per click campaign for your company by telling the client or potential client that while we are waiting for the ranking to go up we are going to get your phone ringing more with the PPC ads running. And in some cases that might be alright for your return on investment. But we have found that to not be true in most cases. You see, you are already paying for the SEO campaign to start. And they want you to pay for PPC  at the same time. We refuse to do you like that. We generally get you positive movement so fast that it is not necessary to do a PPC campaign.

SEO and Guarantees – Be Careful. The parts that are in fine print are always to be leery of. At our company we don’t even have a contract. We prove ourselves usually within the first 30 days. That’s right, we show you positive movement right around the first thirty days. You will continue to see your business climb in the rankings until we get you a top spot. If you are aggressive enough we can put you right to the number one spot most of the time. This industry has far too many companies that over promise and under deliver. We always deliver what we promise. And we do it with a solid money back guarantee.

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