SEO and Duplicate Content Analysis

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SEO and Duplicate Content Analysis

SEO and Duplicate Content Analysis

SEO and Duplicate Content Analysis is important to know. If your site does not have all original content then you will pay a heavy price. At some point the search engines will come across your website and evaluate it in it’s entirety. One of the things they look at is if your site contains only original content. If there is any copy write that has been found on the internet before you published it then that is called plagiarism. If some of this exists on your site you will be penalized with negative marks from the search engines. That will result in your ranking not moving up to where it could climb to.

SEO and Duplicate Content Analysis should be performed in the creation of your site before it is published on the world wide net. There are several free tools that one can use to check for plagiarism. Also there is one called copyscape that we use regularly. It is usually sufficient enough for most instances. There are usually two options for using one of these plagiarism checkers. One is to copy and paste the home page url into the reference box. The other is to copy the actual content of a page into the box and click on check for plagiarism. Either way will work. However, make sure to do this for every page on your site. Don’t forget to even include your privacy policy page. This too is important to have all original content.

SEO and Duplicate Content Analysis is important as well as making sure your content is also authoritative. You want to be sure that your site puts you in a position of authority. Having more authoritative content is a very good thing. It shows the search engines that you are something of a “know it all” on the subject of whatever your site is all about.


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