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SEO and Google My Business Page

SEO and Google My Business Page

SEO and Google My Business Page is something that needs to be done correctly. It is something that one should really take their time with completing. Or, you could have a professional do this for you. It might be well worth the small expense. The outcome will pay for itself for years to come. That is if Google remains consistent in how they serve up information on the searches. There is a lot of information on your google my business page. The main thing is to complete it entirely. Make sure to fill in every field possible. Install all the pictures and remember to name them accordingly. All these fields  play a role in getting found. If you are going to link a website to your google my business page then the site should be optimized first. Google sees your site as an extension of your google my business page. It all needs to match up. When writing your story for the GMB page then make sure it is all original content. You can not copy it from your website.

SEO and Google My Business Page is one of the three components necessary to have a successful business on the internet. It is the most important citation. All the other directories will be compared to your GMB page. The Company name, address and phone number has to match the Google My Business Page. Also you only want one GMB page per location. If there is more than one page for a location then there is a penalty in ranking order.

SEO and Google My Business Page is not that hard to set up yourself. The key is to fill everything out as best you can and write a good story about your business. Make sure to use the main keywords that will help get you found by potential customers.


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