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SEO and Website Creation

SEO and Website Creation

SEO and Website Creation is a balance of several components. There is the content, linking and citations. But there are a few other things that need to be addressed. There are title tags and descriptions for each page of the website. These are important to be done correctly as mentioned in other articles within this blog. Keywords throughout the content are important too. And remember there are internal links and links pointing to another site as well. There are meta tags to be considered for each page. Creation and registration of a sitemap is something that is also necessary. I would make sure google analytics is installed on every site to help track certain statistics. Remember to optimize all photos used on the site as well as any video. This also has a positive effect on ranking when done correctly.

SEO and Website Creation doesn’t stop there. Adding in things like initial site design and usability are also key factors when in the development stages. It also might help to look at some competitor sites to see what the others in your industry are doing with their sites. This can give you ideas on what you might do to blow the competition away with your sites components.

Remember, the more content you ad the more authoritative you will appear to the search engines. This will also help with your ranking position. Most people have no idea what it takes to construct a properly optimized website. It is something that is learned over a period if time and is always being perfected. One must always be aware of the changes google makes as well as other major search engines to their algorithms. What is working for SEO one day may not work the next day. But by the time you find out it could be three to six months down the road or longer in some cases.


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