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SEO and Your Choices

SEO and Your Choices has much to do with your site getting found when a potential customer inserts a keyword pertaining to your business. There are the main keywords like your city and then niche specific words. For example, Houston Plumber. That is a main keyword. You will want to be in the top three somewhere when a person puts those words in a search engine. If you are not in the top three then you are not capturing enough online customers.

SEO and Your Choices means choosing the best company to evaluate and then perform SEO for your site. But, how do you select the best people for the job? What exactly is the job? How do you determine what your site even needs to perform better than the competition? All these questions and more are ones that you need to find out the answers to. I would suggest going with a smaller company that will give you the attention you need. Also it is usually easier to get someone on the phone at a smaller company. Someone that can answer your questions as they come up. Dealing with a smaller company is usually a wise choice for financial reasons as well. They are likely to have a lower overhead too. That means more bang for your buck.

SEO and Your Choices can seem overwhelming. But take it a step at a time. First interview several companies. See who you resonate with the best. Make sure they don’t try to talk over your head. Reports don’t mean much if there are no real results in the first 90 days you didn’t select the right company. You should see a rank increase in the first 90 days even if it is a small increase.

My Expert SEO Team can help you with your ranking position needs. We are capable of helping a business grow by leaps and bounds. But be ready because the phone will ring much more often once you get to the top three.

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