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What does your agency do?

aAbout our SEO company explains the fact that we have the experience needed to perform the necessary tasks to promote your business through our SEO service that will propel your website to the top of the search engines.. Although we are a full service digital marketing agency, our true area of expertise is ranking your website to the top of relevant searches. We also offer website design and development and social media management, as well as link building, conversions, and all types of reports. In addition, we do SEO copy-writing and personalized web content. We also offer keyword research, Google My Business creation and optimization, load time evaluation, Google Analytics setup, Sitemap creation. Link redirect audits, internal linking structures, proper title tags, as well as header tags, and many other services not listed here!

How much do your services cost?

aTypically, our pricing is very competitive, but that is if you are comparing apples to apples. Most companies are unable to get your website to the top of the search engines. Here at My Expert SEO Team, we understand that it is not about how much does it cost. Rather the more important question is, what is my return of investment. We take companies and add to their bottom line. For our SEO services, we show substantial positive movements for selected keywords usually within 90 days.

How long does it take for your system to work?

aOur SEO system follows a certain pattern which we can begin the day that your payment is confirmed. We will immediately start our process which initially takes ninety days. But that is not all, continued implementation for certain services is necessary to continue to move your website up in the search engine ranking to the number one spot. It is also necessary to continue certain processes in order to maintain your top position. This is why it is necessary for a monthly fee. Call now to talk to one of our specialists today about special pricing.

How Long Does It Take To Make My Website?

aThe length of time it takes to formulate a professional website depends on the complexity of the site itself. But as a general rule you are looking at between three to seven weeks for a completed project. Keep in mind that after completion you will have a site with built in SEO. This is including all the components that you can’t see. These things are complex and take some time to install them correctly so you will get the maximum benefit from your new website. Also, keep in mind we are talking about a average site which is generally about five to six pages. If your project is larger then it will generally take a bit longer. And e-commerce sites tend to take longer as well.

What does it take for my website to qualify for your SEO program package?

aFirst we do some in depth testing on your website. We also need your word that you will not attempt to perform any SEO related work on your site. That means not engaging another company to do anything SEO related as well as anyone within your company. This way we can be sure that the money we are spending on beginning your SEO performance package won’t be going to waste. You see we actually have to take money out of our pocket the first two months to be able to do all the necessary things to get your program up and running. The money we charge the client does not cover all the expenses in the beginning. That is just one reason we do the testing and do our best to make sure that there is no other SEO work going on at the time we begin as well as while our program is in effect.

How exactly do you get my site to the top of the search engines?

aWe have a proprietary system that google approves of. We know this system will work for you just as it has worked for many clients. But as previously mentioned, your site has to qualify. However, it is all about content, linking and citations. These three components are key to ranking a site to the top of the search engines. There is a bit more to it but I am not going to give away all our secrets. We know what google likes and we give it to them in such a way that they look at your site and say, wow, look how popular they have become! Hence, you move up in the ranks.

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Please feel free to get a hold of us whenever you have a question. We want you to be a completely satisfied client for life. We value you more than you know. We realize that we must earn your trust and that’s exactly what we do.


We do provide documentation along the way throughout our relationship with our clients. Sometimes it will be written and other times we make you a video. If you have any special requests just let us know.


You will probably be surprised at the level of support you get with our company. We actually answer the phone when you call. We don’t even have an automated system here. If all the lines are tied up you do go to voicemail but that doesn’t happen very often as we are well staffed.

Office Hours

Our office is open six days a week. Although we work shorter hours on Saturday, we check messages seven days a week. If there were ever to be some sort of emergency we will respond as soon as possible.