SEO and Your Choices

SEO and Your Choices has much to do with your site getting found when a potential customer inserts a keyword pertaining to your business. There are the main keywords like your city and then niche specific words. For example, Houston Plumber. That is a main keyword. You will want to be in the top three somewhere when a person puts those words in a search...

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SEO and Google My Business Page

SEO and Google My Business Page is something that needs to be done correctly. It is something that one should really take their time with completing. Or, you could have a professional do this for you. It might be well worth the small expense. The outcome will pay for itself for years to come. That is if Google remains consistent in how they serve up...

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SEO and Guarantees - Be Careful.

SEO and Guarantees - Be Careful. We have spoken with so many companies that have had a negative experience with, so called, SEO companies. The main thing we hear companies complaining about is the promises these guys make but never deliver. That's simply because they do not know how to get your business to move up in the search engines ranking for your business. Honestly, there...

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SEO and checking your rank placement

SEO and checking your rank placement is easy, right? Sure, just put your search in google, right? Well, that is fine in the beginning. But, after a few times you may not be getting an accurate reading. The reason is that google keeps tabs on every search you do. So, once you do the same search several times then you may not be getting the...

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Ongoing quartely SEO copy writing

Ongoing quarterly SEO copy writing is definitely a very good idea. That goes for any business that is attempting to arrive at a top spot for searches of relevant keywords. Google like new copy. They actually prefer it if you blog 2 times a bay to the same site. More if you want to. The longest I would wait to install new verbiage is every...

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Responsive Websites

Responsive websites are crucial in today's market. This term means that your website looks good to potential customers and that the search engines like it too. It must look good on all devices that are currently in use around the world. But mostly here in the US for all practical purposes. Responsive websites are a must to be mobile friendly. In fact, you can use...

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