SEO Package

See what our SEO Package has to offer!

Website Analysis

We complete an evaluation of your website and online presence to see if you qualify for our program. This is valued at $500, however, we will do it at no cost to you!

Keyword Analysis

We use a special tool to evaluate if your pages has the proper keywords within its content. This also includes a keyword density check to make sure your website is the authority for your niche.

Page Originality

For content originality, we use another special tool to ensure that all of the content on your website is completely original. We also make recommendations, as needed, on additional copyright.

Title Tag Analysis

We look to make sure that the title tag for each page is on point. If not, we make the appropriate changes for maximum effectiveness

Meta Tags and Description Analysis

Meta tags are important so that search engines may see what your site is about. There are also a few sentences that show up in search while people are searching for your business. These are crucial as they affect your ranking.

Sitemap Creation

Sitemaps are important so that search engines can easily visit all of the pages on your website.

Google ``My Business`` Evaluation

We will either create of modify your GMB page as needed .

Website Responsiveness Test

This is necessary to make sure that your website is mobile friendly and looks great on all devices!

Load Speed Analysis

This is of major importance because people get bored easily, slow loading times add up to lost business.

Google Analytics (Where Applicable)

If your do not already have the Google Analytics program enabled on your website, we will add it for you.

Image Optimization

All photos, pictures, videos, and animations will be required to be named properly.

Link Analysis

We take a look at any and all links pointing to your website, if there are any bad links, then we can fix that for you.

Site Structure Audit

We assess your internal links and make recommendations accordingly.

Citations Analysis

We will evaluate where your business is listed and add new listings in appropriate directories.

Linking Services

This includes links pointing to your website. This includes very powerful links.

Quarterly Content Updates

This is an important service, because every three months, more authoritative content needs to be added to your website.

Account Specialist

This is the person that can get things done in a very short period of time, also they will be instrumental if helping your build your business!

Online Reputation Analysis

We will look online and check the status of your companies overall reputation. We will make recommendations as needed.

Monthly Status Reports

We will be checking up weekly on your ranking position. We will report each time we see positive movement.

Direct Contact With Owner

You can rest at ease knowing that the owner of our company makes himself available to all clients on a regular basis.