Website Optimization Techniques

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Website Optimization Techniques

If you are wondering about website optimization techniques then this might be a good article to read. There are many published methods for accomplishing this daunting task. On one hand it is not an easy thing to accomplish. On the other hand, if you know what you are doing then you might be able to get a top ranking with the major search engines over a prolonged period of time. There is a saying in the SEO world that goes; content in king and linking is queen. I can vouch for this being a true statement. Authoritative content makes the search engines happy. It also provides the necessary information to the folks that are wondering about the subject they have an interest in. The site needs to be appealing to both end user and search engines to get a good ranking with the top search engines. You want to have a minimum of 1,000 words on your home page is a good rule to follow. I would personally recommend more than that. But don’t way overdue the amount of content on any one page. 1500 words on a page is plenty for most circumstances. Making sure the content is meaningful and authoritative is a key factor. But also know that keyword rich content is another factor to consider. See our post on Keyword Rich Content.

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