Trust In The SEO Industry

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Trust In The SEO Industry

Since I have been researching and partaking in the SEO industry I have came across many companies that claim they will get you a top ranking position with the top search engines but they are often times unable to do so. I have mentioned before that it is a daunting task. There are many nuances involved and so many variables that it seems all too challenging even to me at times. Google is the main horse when it comes to setting the bar for what search engines want to see in order to gain a top ranking position. The components of a site must please google in order to get to the top. If I could name the companies to stay away from, I would gladly do that right here and now. But I don’t want to be sued and can not actually prove right here and now that my claims are true. However, I can assure you that you would recognize the names of many of the companies that I have seen little to no improvement in ranking after they promised the customer that they had made a wise decision in selecting them to perform SEO for their company. So, how do you select a company to actually perform this task? I only know to tell you to keep on looking and see how easy it is to get a live person on the phone. I would stay away from the largest companies as you are just a number for most of them. They often don’t seem to actually care about your return on investment. It seems like all they care about is making a sale to generate revenue.

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