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Responsive Websites

Responsive Websites

Responsive websites are crucial in today’s market. This term means that your website looks good to potential customers and that the search engines like it too. It must look good on all devices that are currently in use around the world. But mostly here in the US for all practical purposes. Responsive websites are a must to be mobile friendly. In fact, you can use google’s mobile friendly site checker here. You can tell if you have a good load time and see if your site will pass the google test. It is a good way to see if your site may need some work. Load time is very important because potential customers get bored easily. If you have a slow load time then you risk them going to a competitor site. And if it loads faster and looks good then they may never visit your site in time to do business with you.

Responsive websites are only one small aspect of SEO. There are many other things that a site needs to be able to accomplish top ranking in a search. But, not too long ago google decided to make it far more difficult to rank well unless you have a mobile friendly site. In fact the more responsive your site is to mobile the better you will rank in a search. It seems like the days of just happening to rank well in most any market is pretty much non existent. Even in the small cities many are employing the services of an SEO professional to help insure they will get found at the top of a search.

Don’t be left out. Explore what a good SEO person could do for your business. You should find a good package deal out there for a relatively small investment compared to the return you will see after just a few short months. It doesn’t happen over night but it can and does happen if you select someone that has a proven track record.

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