Ongoing quarterly SEO copy writing.

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Ongoing quartely SEO copy writing

Ongoing quarterly SEO copy writing.

Ongoing quarterly SEO copy writing is definitely a very good idea. That goes for any business that is attempting to arrive at a top spot for searches of relevant keywords. Google like new copy. They actually prefer it if you blog 2 times a bay to the same site. More if you want to. The longest I would wait to install new verbiage is every three months. That is pushing the limit as far as I am concerned. I know that adding copy to a site frequently is a good idea to help keep you looking authoritative. In fact the amount of content on the home page alone should be a minimum of two thousand words. Shoot for twenty five hundred though so you look really smart in your industry.

Do you do the copy writing your self? Have you done a test from a reliable source to see just how well your copy is written. Do you have your keywords seeded throughout your articles in just the correct amount so you are appealing to the top search engines? These are valid questions that need to be addressed if you expect to gain and maintain a top rank with the top search engines. I try to have the copy spread out over a few different people. I do my best to check it all myself whenever possible but have staff that check it for me as well. Between all of us we tend to make absolutely sure that we have reached the highest standard of writing. Sometimes we hire a specialist if we are dealing with a field we are not too familiar with. They can write about the technical stuff . But mostly we can provide our own excellent copy most of the time.

It is a given that ongoing quarterly SEO copy writing should be done at this minimum interval. But we recommend that you install more copy on a monthly basis.

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