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SEO and Using Citations

SEO and Using Citations

SEO and Using Citations is one of the three main factors in search engine placement. This is true for the map placement ranking status. A citation is simply the company name address and phone number listed in certain directories all across the internet. The important thing to remember is that all this information must be consistent in all listing directories. You can not have one phone number listed in some directories and another listed in other directories. This is seen as a major inconsistency and will hurt your placement overall.

SEO and Using Citations used to be easier. Now it is very important to remember that the map placement is now more complex. Meaning, that there are now additional components that are needed to achieve a high ranking position. Citations are just one of the components. Another is to be sure and complete the Google My Business page as much as possible. Make sure to fill out all the information you can including business hours and install as many pictures too. All these little things add up to having a better chance of placing well on the map.

SEO and Using Citations is something that some SEO companies will say is another way for you to increase visibility. But, personally, I don’t believe that to be true to the extent of making any significant difference to bringing in more customers through these listings. It is actually only good for the search engines in most cases. The calls you might get from a listing in one of these directories are far and few between. You can count on getting more calls from the search engine map listing if you are listed in more directories. The reason for this is that being listed in more directories give the impression that you are more popular. As you might recall from other posts, it is much a popularity contest!


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