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SEO and Website Design

SEO and Website Design go together. You must have built in, on page, SEO throughout your site. In order to have a fighting chance at a top ranking position. SEO is comprised of many things. There are the things that you can see on the site and many things you don’t see too. Some of those things are title tags and descriptions for each page. Each needs to be carefully named and constructed for optimum efficiency.

SEO and Website Design also has to do with the content of the site. It has to be easy to read and also be authoritative as well. Premium content is an absolute must for readability and to make sure you are the leading authority in your field.  Remember that proper keyword density is important too. As well as long tail keywords. The amount of content on the home page and how it is laid out all counts for on page SEO.

SEO and Website Design also have to do with a good looking site. Visitors need to like the visuals as well as be engaged with what they were looking for in the first place. Experts say that third grade readability is how the verbiage should be constructed. I know I attempt to make all of my content easy to read. I feel that my audience likes that better than using words the masses don’t understand.

SEO and Website Design should be carefully thought out every time a page is constructed. Keyword research and density planning is important. Title tags and alt tags as well as headers all play an important role as do the page descriptions. You might want to include some video on the site too. It is almost expected now a days. The experts say that video is more engaging  to potential customers. All in all SEO and Website Design is complex. It is usually better to hire a professional so you can focus on your business sales.

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